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Under the recent changes to the OLEV grant scheme you can now have any charger from the OLEV approved list installed by Sulis Electrical Services.

You will receive a reduced invoice on completion with the grant claimed from OLEV on your behalf. This will save you £350.00 off the cost of installation and charger.

An EV charger can be installed for less than £500 which coupled with the cheap price of some energy suppliers when using EV charging tariffs makes the cost to of green motoring very accessible and affordable.


Sulis Electrical Services is proud to be an approved installer of the premium Andersen A2 EV Charger which comes in a range of finishes and can have wooden front panels. There is a colour or finish to suit any property,
With a life time guarantee on the charger body it is market leading and the charger of choice by luxury car makers such as Porsche.


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